Are you sure you’re the good guy?


I believe that we live in the greatest era known to humankind so far. Technology has made our lives a living sci-fi fantasy. Computers, iPads, Smart Phones and the internet have given us the ability to share our thoughts, hopes and dreams with each other and become a very connected world. Daily we are making extraordinary leaps and bounds in science and continue to develope the best health care known to this planet. The human potential is mind-boggling. It’s impossible not to give a nod to the late Gene Roddenberry right here. I am very excited to be living in this day and age.

In spite of my excitement I am daily confused and saddened by many of those I have traditionally thought of as “my own” people. Some of my most formative years were spent among genuine, salt-of-the-earth people with respectable ideals and rock solid character. God-fearing people who just wanted a better world for everyone. Folks from Small Town, USA just like many of you reading this. I will forever be grateful for their influence.

Now when we need them most, when the world is smaller than it has ever been it is crucial that we have our heroes. Unfortunately a large contingent of “my people” have decided that being right is more important than doing right. The world is and always has been ever-changing and I guess it’s just damned scary for some. Rather than focusing on that which we all have in common, rather than choosing to love first many decide to barricade themselves safely behind tradition and dogma. Racism, sexism, nationalism and all the other ‘isms that may offend you are a product of this “we vs. them” mentality. The Crusades didn’t work the first time. Does anyone really think that taking that tact again is a viable choice.

Ignorance is not stupidity. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge and I’ve found that the most dogmatic people are typically willfully ignorant. Somehow I think it is less scary for them to assume that they’re the societal victims. The sad truth is that they are, more often than not, the bad guy. They become the antagonist in our novel of life and they may never realize it. It’s really interesting how we all view ourselves. I don’t think anybody believes they are the problem. We tend to rationalize our own actions. We forgive our own bias and hate.

Here is the good news. If you’re still reading this then there is something here that rings true for you. You are our future hope. You are potentially the hero we are waiting on. All this collected wisdom and technology that we each have access to and we can’t stop fighting long enough to focus on the fixable problems? Or can we?

Who will you be for this world? Are you sure that you’re the good guy? Will hatred and division be your legacy? Be the change that you want to see!

I say love ’em all and let God sort ’em out.


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