US Working Overtime Behind The Scenes To Kill UN Plan To Protect Online Privacy From Snooping

Germany NSA Art

(Artists A.Signl, left, and B.Shanti of the artist group Captain Borderline the mural ‘Surveillance of the fittest’ at a wall in Cologne, Germany, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. The painting shows an American Bald Eagle with surveillance cameras watching a herd of sheep to draw attention to the spying program of the American National Security Agency. Germany demanded answers to all open questions about U.S. surveillance Thursday following allegations that American intelligence may have targeted Chancellor Angela Merkel s cellphone, and her chief of staff noted that Washington hasn t denied past snooping. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) ( Frank Augstein ))

US Working Overtime Behind The Scenes To Kill UN Plan To Protect Online Privacy From Snooping

I’ve never beena fan of the U.N. but I’ve got to give them credit.

The UN has apparently been considering a proposal pushed by Brazil and Germany, to clarify that basic offline rights to privacy should apply to online information and activities as well. The proposal is targeted at attempts by governments — mainly the US — to ignore privacy issues in spying on people around the globe. Not surprisingly, the US is (quietly) working hard to stop this plan. Colum Lynch at Foreign Policy has the scoop, noting that publicly, the US is pretending to support this in some form: But privately, American diplomats are pushing hard to kill a provision of the Brazilian and German draft which states that “extraterritorial surveillance” and mass interception of communications, personal information, and metadata may constitute a violation of human rights. The United States and its allies, according to diplomats, outside observers, and documents, contend that the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights does not apply to foreign espionage.

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